Yet another Year 12 HSC economics student has taken the prize in week 5 of the quiz to win my book, Myth Busting Economics. Well done Timothy.

Of the five quizzes to date, three have been won by HSC students, one by an HSC economics teacher and one from somewhere outside the sphere of economics. They are putting the market economists to shame! What would Joe Hockey call them? Clowns?

Anyway, well done to Timothy – a book is on its way to you.  Timothy corrected forecast that the RBA hold hold official interest rates steady last week and hit forecast quarterly GDP growth of 0.9 per cent. 

For those wanting to buy the book, Myth Busting Economics, here is the link. koukoulas/prod9780730321958.html?source=pla&gclid=COrO2Zzy_sUCFQ6VvQodwIcANg 

The quiz for week 6 will be posted shortly, so enter for you chance to win my book, Myth Busting Economics.