Stephen Koukoulas is Managing Director of Market Economics, having had 30 years as an economist in government, banking, financial markets and policy formulation. Stephen was Senior Economic Advisor to Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, worked in the Commonwealth Treasury and was the global head of economic research and strategy for TD Securities in London.

Stephen also spent 5 years at Citibank Australia including 3 years as Chief Economist. He started his career in the Commonwealth Treasury in the mid-1980s having graduated from the Australian National University with an Honours degree in Economics.

In these uncertain times, Stephen presents his views without fear or favour and does not have the baggage of many economists working for the big banks and other organisations. This sometimes gets him into trouble with the Reserve Bank, Treasury and the politicians who do not always want to hear fact-based analysis.

Stephen has a way of making economics fun and relevant – 10/10


Highly engaging and resonated with a broad audience. The best presentation from an Economist on the current market.

Grant Thornton

One of the most articulate economists in Australia.

Alan Kohler, Author and ABC TV journalist

The Prime Minister’s Office has placed a premium on economic and policy advice recruiting high-profile market economist, Stephen Koukoulas.

The Australian Financial Review

One of Australia’s most influential economists.

The Australian Financial Review

The feedback from the participants has been fantastic. You really make a serious subject interesting and engaging!

HR, Wesfarmers Insurance


Stephen is engaging, articulate and presents his view with a flare that keeps people engaged. Be it a C-Suite boardroom table discussion, a debate of policy issues with the Prime Minister or Treasurer, a discussion of the economic outlook to the business sector or a down to earth discussion of financial markets and investment options to those with self managed superannuation funds, Stephen will present facts, analysis, ideas and insights to the audience.

And he in no one-trick pony. Stephen calls the cycle for the economy, house prices, inflation, interest rates and the budget.

He digs deeply into the issues the clients want to discuss. Stephen tailors his keynotes directly to the needs of the client, be it a State by State discussion on the housing sector, insights into the interest rate outlook, the skills shortages in the labour market or the pressures on the economy from changing global economic conditions, Stephen will meet your demands.


Stephen has tremendous experience as an economist and his reputation is unparalleled within the economics profession. No other economist with Stephen’s profile have worked in Treasury, had stints at Chief Economist with Citibank Australia, headed a global research unit in London for one of Canada’s largest banks, worked as an advisor to a Prime Minister and set up a highly successful consulting business.

This is why Stephen is the “go-to economist” for those wanting frank and fearless commentary on Australian conditions and analysis of the economy, markets and policy settings.

He calls the ups and down on the economy and has been vocal about the problems the Reserve Bank has had in recent years hitting its inflation target and why this matters for the economy. Business need to be aware what this means for their borrowing costs and why the labour market shortages will limit their growth strategies.

Stephen not only comments on unfolding trends in the economy, he often is the leader of the debate as his experience allows him to understand changing trends in the economy and society.


A large part of what happens in the economy is shaped by what are often thought of as non-economic factors.

That can be the effect of immigration which drives housing, infrastructure and skilled workers. It may be the effect of the aging population on the budget, superannuation savings and housing.

It might be gender inequality issues noting that Stephen was the Economist in Residence for Economic Security 4 Women where he authored research on the gender pay and superannuation gaps, the economic benefits of affordable and accessible childcare and policy issues that would enhance the economic security of all Australia women.

And don’t forget insights into the political space. And even though the 2022 election is done and dusted, What is happening in the major political parties and the operations of the new Parliament in Canberra are something that Stephen has rare insights into. He spends a lot of time having a coffee with the decisions makers in Canberra.