The quaestion for week 6 of the quiz to win a copy of my book, Myth Busting Economics is set out below.

The rules are simple – email your answers to [email protected] before 11.15am, eastern Australian time on Thursday 11 June 2015 and hope for the best. The results will be worked out shortly after that.

So here we go – the questions for Week 6.


On Thursday, 11 June, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will release the labour force data for May. To one decimal point, what will be the unemployment rate in seasonally adjusted terms in May? Note – the unemployment rate in April was 6.2 per cent.

Tie breaker One:

What will be the change, in number of people, in the level of employment in May, again in seasonally adjusted terms? Note – the level of employment fell by 2,900 people in April.

Tie breaker Two:

What will be the size of the labour force in seasonally adjusted terms in May 2015? Note – the labour force was 12,494,100 people in April.

Good luck with that and if you want to buy the book, Myth Busting Economics, go to 

Let’s see in the winner of the quiz can beat the market consensus, as they did last week.