The next quiz is a corker, I reckon, as it involves a series of questions relating to the RBA meeting and economic data that are to be released next week.

Here is a chance to beat the market economists at their own game but forecasting GDP growth, the RBA interest rates decision and level of the stock market.

The prize of course is a copy of my book, Myth Busting Economics. Closing time for entries is 2.00pm, Canberra time on 2 June 2015. Send all entries to [email protected] 

Question 1:
At its meeting on Tuesday 2 June 2015, with the RBA hike, cut or leave interest rates unchanged?

Tie breaker:
On Wednesday 3 June 2015, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be releasing the quarterly national accounts. What will be the quarterly per cent change in real GDP in the March quarter?

Tie breaker 2:

What will be the annual increase in real GDP in per cent terms? (ie, the growth rate between the March quarter 2015 and the March quarter 2014).

Tie breaker 3:

What level will the ASX200 close at on Thursday, 4 June 2015? To two decimal places please.

In the mean time, if you want to buy the book, go to this site.