It’s almost half a year since RBS analyst Andrew Roberts cranked out his headline seeking ‘sell everything’ recommendation for markets. And oh how wrong he has been.

My offer to him, to have some skin in the game of such a dramatic and massive forecast, was rejected. When we see how things are playing out, it is no wonder he ran away, unwilling to back up his view.

Here is the offer I made to Roberts: 

The scorecard this morning is:

The Kouk   10
Roberts       1

Recall that to win, Roberts only had to get six out of 11.

The sole market where Roberts is ahead is the Nikkei which is down 3.2 per cent.

The average change is all 11 items is a gain of 12.9 per cent.

                                              Level at time           Latest       Difference %
                                                   of bet
US stocks S&P500                            1925                2099              9.0

Brazil stocks Ibovespa                    39500               50619            28.1

China stocks Shenzhen                     1850                2003              8.3

Japan stocks Nikkei                        17200              16642             -3.2

US house prices Case-Shiller           182.83            184.50              0.9

UK 20 city house prices Hometrack  228800           232800             1.7

Sydney house prices Corelogic        915.00            982.18              7.3

Iron ore US$ tonne                             40.50              50.08             23.7

Oil WTI $US a barrel                           31.50             48.73             54.7 

Copper US$ tonne                              4325              5600               6.4

AUD/USD                                         0.7000            0.7350              5.0

Simple average                                                                            12.9

So there you go. That said, I am pretty sure the media who splashed page one coverage on the claim in January will not follow up – they will likely look for the next person to put out a crash, bang, wallop forecast and give it breathless coverage for which they will not be accountable.