The increase in the minimum wage has sparked the usual hand-wringing about Australia being a high wage country. Those demoaning the modest 3 per cent increase in the minimum wage and wage levels more generally, suggest wage rates should be lower.

Here is a look at some minimum wage levels in other countries. I for one would never want Australia to aspire for lower wages and view the high income levels in Australia as a sign of our massive prosperity and now 23 years without a recession.

Here we go – average hourly wages rates, US$. 

Afghanistan  US$0.57

Angola US$0.71

Argentina US$4.31

Australia US$16.88

Bangladesh US$0.09

Belgium US$11.69

Benin US$0.36

Brasil US$2.11

Canada US$9.95

China US$1.19

Estonia US$2.73

France US$12.22

Gambia US$0.12

Greece US$5.06

Haiti US$0.37

India US$0.28

Indonesia US$0.52

Japan US$8.32

South Korea US$4.63

Luxembourg US$14.24

Malawi US$0.16

Mongolia US$0.82

Niger US$0.34

Poland US$2.97

Russia US$1.04

Slovenia US$5.84

Taiwan US$3.88

UK US$10.02

US US$7.25

Vietnam US$0.30

So Australian wages are high, which is a great thing. We should hope wages here stay high as it is a sign of our economic strength and prosperity.

Source: World Bank