There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but you could be lucky enough to get a free book with the quiz I am about to launch over the next 8 weeks.

Each Monday from 27 April through to 15 June, I will be asking a series of quiz questions via my blog and Twitter, with each weekly winner receiving a copy of my new book, Myth Busting Economics.

All answers must be emailed to [email protected]. There will be no other way I can audit the replies and no other replies will be accepted. I will post the answer and winners name only with their consent after each weekly winner has been determined.

Even though the data retention laws will allow ASIO and the police to have a record of your emails, I wont keep them. Indeed, after each weekly winner is announced, I will delete all emails and there will be no data base kept of email addresses send to me. I’m not into that sort of crass marketing. Trust me – I am a Collingwood supporter.

It is more about the fun of the quiz and of course, getting my book out there.

I reckon most times more than one person will get the quiz answer(s) right, so I will have a series of tie breaker questions to determine who wins a copy of Myth Busting Economics.

Each Monday, at about 8.00am, I will post the quiz question(s) and tie breaker questions on my blog at Answers will need to be submitted by 12 noon on the Wednesday of that week for reasons that will soon be obvious, and the results usually finalised by the weekend.

Of course, and as noted above, it will be up to each weekly winner if they want me to publicise their success.

So get ready! The first quiz question will be Monday, 27 April for decision on Friday 1 May.

So stay tuned and get ready to win a Myth Busting book.

Oh, and there will be a grand prize in the final week, which will be two copies of my Myth Busting Economics book and possibly a copy of the 2015-16 Budget papers, hopefully signed by Treasurer Joe Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann (these are yet to be confirmed). If not the budget papers, I reserve the right to substitute something of similar value.

So get your economic myth busting hats on and get set for the first question on Monday, 27 April. Only one entry per person please.

Cheers, The Kouk