It is time for the second weekly quiz for a chance to win a copy of my new book, Myth Busting Economics.

Week 1 was a lot of fun and was won by @spacekidette who got the answers to the first two questions correct and for the tiebreaker, was only 1 cent away from forecasting (guessing?) the price of Fortescue’s share price. He/she informs me they are not an economist or a stock broker, which probably helps! A special mention to a Year 12 economics student who was just 3 cents away and finished second and an economics teacher @braggonomics who came third. 

I hope everyone who entered last week enters again. Email responses to [email protected] 

So for your chance to win Myth Busting Economics, here are this week’s questions.

NOTE: all entries close at 2.00pm, Canberra time on Tuesday 4 May for this week’s quiz.

Week 2:

At the RBA meeting on Tuesday, 5 May will the RBA increase, decrease of leave the official cash rate unchanged? Simply answer up, down or unchanged.

Tie breaker 1:

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia web site, how much did the index of commodity prices fall in April, on a monthly average basis, in SDR terms?

Tie breaker 2:

How many words will be in the text of the Statement of RBA Governor Glenn Stevens announcing the interest rate decision on 5 May 2015? (Hint, in April 2015, there were 453 words).

Tie breaker 3:

What will be the level of the Australian dollar vs the US dollar at 4.00pm, Sydney time, on Friday 8 May – use four digits – ie, 0.7752. 

So get entries in early and good luck. If you don’t win, buy the book.