I recorded a podcast with the team at Business Insider:  Here is the link for what was a good fun chat. 


From BI’s Paul Colgan:

On the Devils and Details economics and markets podcast this week we’re joined by Stephen Koukoulas, one of Australia’s best-known economists. “The Kouk” is a former chief economist at Citi and he also once led global research for TD Securities in London. 

He was also a senior economic adviser to the Gillard government, so he has a particular expertise on fiscal policy. The fiasco of the national census on Tuesday kicks off our conversation but we also took the opportunity to tap Stephen for his insights on the state of national economic policy.

The agenda: 

  • The reputation of the ABS in the wake of the census debacle;
  • Glenn Stevens’ “we are kidding ourselves” warning to politicians on the importance of striking consensus;
  • Options for fiscal repair in Australia, and 
  • The nature of finance Twitter and some of our favourite people to follow on there.

You can find the show on iTunes here, where you can subscribe, rate us, and leave us a review. Or you can listen in below. 

Because we talked about the census, there’s a language warning, too. Enjoy!