So five days after I offered a very generous bet to the “sell-everything” Andrew Roberts of RBS, I have had no word back from the headline grabbing market analyst. Pity that he is unwilling to follow up his fanatical call with some skin in the game. Just a reminder that all he needed was six out of 11 indicators to fall even 0.1% and he would have won the bet with me. Not too big an ask, one would think, when Roberts’ reckons the price of everything is going to hell in a handbasket in 2016. 

It is time to close the offer – it is not a free option to Mr Roberts to take if on the remote chance, he is correct in the weeks and months ahead. So at 10pm, Canberra time, 18 January 2016, the offer is closed for good.

As things stand this afternoon, the current tally would be Roberts 6, The Kouk 3 and no change 2.