The Liberal Party has published a booklet about the ‘mess’ created by six years of Labor government.

It is on odd publication, as it cherry picks a few bits and bobs and tries very hard to make things look bad. I am surprised they failed to note that under Labor, South Sydney did not win a premiership things were so poorly managed.

It is an off time for such a document to be released, when the trash talking of the economy and crisis and emergency narrative surrounding the preparation of the budget from the government has seen consumer confidence smashed in recent weeks and serious questions are being raised by a range of market economists about whether the budget will see the nice growth momentum in the economy in recent months reversed.

But there are other things the Labor Mess publication missed and below are some of the tweets I sent on that topic:

  • I wonder what the ratings agencies make of the Labor Mess stuff? It is so distressing that all three agencies have a triple-A rating
  • The Labor Mess is so bad that the Coalition inherited an economy starting its 23rd year of growth without recession
  • The Labor Mess is so bad that Australia’s per capita GDP in USD terms is 5th highest in world behind only Luxembourg, Norway, Qatar & Switzerland
  • Global investors are so worried about the Labor Mess that they pushed the Australian dollar to a record high when Labor was in government
  • Bond investors are so worried about the Labor Mess that they hold 75 per cent of the government bonds on issue as they look for a safe haven investment.

With a mess like that, who needs good policies?