EXCLUSIVE: The Australian readership figures reach a record high

Sun, 22 Jun 2014  |  

Readership of The Australian newspaper has reached a record high, according to an industry report obtained by The Kouk.

The confidential report, produced by industry leader Imakethisshitup, confirmed readership has skyrocketed despite sales of the national newspaper sinking to record lows and bird owners complaining of a shortage of suitable newsprint for the bottom of their cages.

The source told The Kouk that the decision to give away three-quarters of all copies of The Australian at airports was a "masterstoke" that drove the readership surge.

Disputing the circulation data from the Audit Bureau of Circulation which show plummeting sales for The Australian over the past decade, the Imakethisshitup report was based on the chain-weighted Milli Vanilli Robespierre statistical methodology which assumes that each copy of the free newspaper taken on a plane is read by the delivery person, one ground staff, three passengers, one of the flight crew, the cleaner, the driver of the recycling truck and the person at the newspaper recycling plant. There is also a 20 per cent up-scaling factor for those airline passengers who take the newspaper home or to the office where a further four people are assumed to have read it.

The Australian suggests that the readership figures would be higher if the newspapers were not recycled under the lefty green strategy to reduce deforestation. "The government impost and nanny-state big government recycling policy means that newspapers no longer find their way into landfill where they could be blown over the country side and read by another person picking up the rubbish", the source said.

These already impressive readership numbers may even understate the true position of The Australian given that Imakethisshitup refused the request of The Australian to double again the estimated readership numbers based its claim that readers were 'sort of' reading two editions each time they got a free paper given that each new newspaper is now printed on recycled paper. "It is like the reader is getting two additions with one copy", our source noted.

The Kouk contacted every living person who has ever worked at the IPA for comment. In a resounding validation of the Imakethisshitup report, every one of them agreed with the findings, even though none had ever seen the methodology used to reach these startling conclusions or read the report.

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Wed, 29 Jul 2020



Covid19 has opened a door for Australians to positively accept significant changes that will lead to a shared good. This rare opportunity enables us to achieve sustainable economic and social goals that create a new ‘normal’ as our way of life.

These Ten Steps are presented as non-partisan recommendations to the Australian Parliament in the firm belief that, if they embrace them, the Australian economy and society will be greatly enhanced after the Covid19 pandemic has passed.

*A job for you if you want one.
A significant increase in part time and casual employment can be created that will enable you to enjoy a more creative and peaceful lifestyle and to live longer and better. The traditional age at which you would have been expected to retire will become obsolete as a result. An access age for pension and superannuation will become your choice. This will enable you to remain in paid work for as long as you want to, on a basis that you choose, while boosting the productivity and growth of Australia.

*You will get wage increases that will be greater than your cost of living.
A demand for enhanced innovative skills at all levels of employment will be created as the economy grows in strength, thereby enhancing your stature in the workforce and enabling executive salaries and bonuses to drop to levels that are accepted as justifiable by employees, shareholders and customers.

The misplaced objective of the government of delivering a surplus, come hell or high water, has gone up in smoke

Tue, 07 Jan 2020

This article first appeared on the Yahoo Finance web site at this link: https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/the-governments-test-in-2020-220310427.html   


The misplaced objective of the government of delivering a surplus, come hell or high water, has gone up in smoke

For many people, the cost of the fires is immeasurable. 

Or irrelevant. 

They have lost loved ones, precious possessions, businesses and dreams and for these people, what lies ahead is bleak.

Life has changed forever.

As the fires continue to ravage through huge tracts of land, destroying yet more houses, more property, incinerating livestock herds, hundreds of millions of wildlife, birds and burning millions of hectares of forests, it is important to think about the plans for what lies ahead.

The rebuilding task will be huge.

Several thousands of houses, commercial buildings and infrastructure will require billions of dollars and thousands of workers to rebuild. Then there are the furniture and fittings for these buildings – carpets, fridges, washing machines, clothes, lounges, dining tables, TVs and the like will be purchased to restock.

Then there are the thousands of cars and other machinery and equipment that will need to be replaced.