What does British American Tobacco say about sales volumes in Australia?

Thu, 19 Jun 2014  |  

The Australian's campaign to torture and misrepresent the data on the volume of tobacco consumed in Australia seems to have had a final nail in the coffin with news from British American Tobacco, no less, that sales volumes in Australia are falling.

In their annual report which covers the period up to 31 December 2013, the BAT report notes:

Profit was up strongly as a result of higher pricing and cost saving initiatives, partially offset by lower volume."

What was that?

BAT saying "lower volumes"?

Oh I see. The volume of tobacco sold by BAT was lower in 2013, a picture that dovtails perfectly with the data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Who would have thought that?

Certainly not The Australian writers Christian Kerr, Adam Creighton, Henry Ergas, Judith Sloan, Sinclair Davidson, Chris Merritt, The Editorial writer or the person who puts together the cheeky Cut and Paste column.

See BAT annual report, page 32:  



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Budget humiliation for Joe Hockey

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When he was Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey promised that "we will achieve a surplus in our first year in office and we will achieve a surplus for every year of our first term.''

Well, a couple of years on including one where Mr Hockey has been running Treasury and fiscal policy, it seems humiliation or capitulation are the order of the day for the world's most complacent Treasurer.

Here's why.

It's a BIG week for economic news

Sun, 31 Aug 2014

The week starting 1 September is a blockbuster for economic news and events.

The RBA Board meeting on Tuesday will likely leave interest rates unchanged, even though the case for an interest rate cut is strong, with a 12 year high unemployment rate, a record low pace of wages growth and inflation more than comfortably within the target range the key factors behind the case for some more monetary policy easing.

Alas, working against the case for what is an increasingly necessary rate cut is the RBA confidence that the current low level of interest rates, now in place for 13 months, will at some time kick start growth and with it, underpin a more troublesome inflation outlook.

Time will tell whether the RBA has got it right or not.